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How to really know your Customer’s Experience

Better Customer Experience starts with better company Leadership

SPS Contact

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I had an issue with one of my home service providers and I called their Customer Service line for help. This is a National company with a central call center. I waited 49 minutes on hold before hanging up. No messaging on hold. Just music. No options for a callback, leave a message, or any other option that might have made me feel less frustrated.

I called the corporate office number that I found on Google, since it was not listed on the company Web site (why are they hiding?) and followed the IVR instruction to press “0” for the Operator to get some direction. Each time I pressed “0” the system hung up on me. I tried 3 times. As a consultant who works to fix broken Customer Service systems and processes like this, I was as intrigued as I was frustrated.


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CBD Oil gets big push from Senate majority leader McConnell

Hemp growers talk CBD on Capital Hill

McConnell welcomes Brian Furnish and his daughter to Capital hill. The Kentucky farmer was the first licensed Hemp grower in US since WWII.

Senator Mich McConnell, (R-KY), who championed the hemp legalization provision in the 2018 Farm Bill, and has put hemp near the center of his own 2020 reelection campaign, is pushing the FDA to clarify and develop regulations so that hemp-derived CBD can  be infused into food products or as dietary supplements and lawfully marketed with FDA approval.

McConnell and others are working to shortcut the FDA process that can often take five or more years. “Hemp has a remarkable history in the Bluegrass State,” McConnell said in a press release.

While many say McConnell’s goal is simply to help revive Kentucky farmers, CBD is a drug with amazing potential which has been held back because of its proximity to cousin plant marijuana. CBD – cannabidiol, is a compound with such immense medical potential that the FDA just approved a pharmaceutical-grade version for children suffering from intractable seizures.

The Senator also said it was important to clarify the rules governing interstate shipment of hemp products, which has led to some arrests after police mistook hemp for marijuana. This is all good news for those who want to grow and sell CBD products.

Learn more about CBD Oil at Mike about Money in articles such as The Truth about CBD and Hemp Oil.

Your kids like Credit cards too

Online Shopping - Laptop to Shopping Cart

Younger generations are widely thought to be averse to credit, but according to recent data from Experian, the tides might be changing.

1. Millennials (ages 23 – 38) carry an average credit card debt of $4,712, a 7% increase in the past year.
2. Generation Z (ages 18 – 22) carry an average credit card debt of $2,057, an 11% in the past year.

Both are still lower than the national average of $5,474, but quickly making up the deficit – increasing debt faster than other age groups.

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Lead constantly…Use words if necessary


Have you ever worked for someone who you knew was having a bad day or a good day just by the look on their face? Most of us have sometime in our careers. You may have some of these people on your staff right now. Or, it may be you!

Non-verbal communication can be extremely effective in both a positive and negative way. If used properly, silent leadership can often be more powerful than anything you could possibly say. Those who speak on a regular basis can tell you that the audience will remember a very small percentage of what you say but they will remember how you said what you said and how you made them feel when you said it. This is true whether you are talking on-on-one with someone or, to a large group.

“Body language is one of the most important ways that we communicate with others, yet it is probably the skill that receives the least amount of attention by individuals,” says Anne Baum, author of Small Mistakes, Big Consequences: Develop Your Soft Skills to Help You Succeed. Baum says,  “eye contact is incredibly important as a leader. Looking your team members directly in the eye and listening to hear (not just to answer) builds trust between a leader and their team members.

Over the next week, monitor your eye contact and body language and do a self assessment of your performance. Ask those you work with for feedback on your quiet leadership skills. 

Better Team Huddles

Team HuddleI urge every business which operates with internal teams, especially in Contact Center settings, to make sure, whoever is leading those teams, supervisors, managers, etc., is having a daily Team Huddle at the start of each shift.  

Companies that do Team Huddles correctly, end up with better team performance over time. But, invariably, team huddles can turn into mundane, “Leadership said we have to do this every day,” uninspired wastes of precious time. which is the exact opposite of what you are trying to accomplish with a start of shift Team Huddle.

To those who run daily team huddles, I have this advice:

Ask yourself this question. Who is talking more at your Team Huddles. YOU or your Team members?

Your Team members should be doing most of the talking and most people should get to speak.

Huddles are not a great time for a speech, but, if you are going to give a speech, make it a motivational speech.

You can talk about goals for the day, but getting into a detailed discussion of KPIs is not what Huddles are for.

What is a huddle? A huddle is your  pre-Game opportunity to get people fired up for the day’s performance in about 5 minutes! A chance to rally your team to work as one to meet stretch objectives.

Talk about getting to the top of the Team Leader Board…point out your top performers and challenge others to match or beat them. Ask your top performers to share some success tips, and challenge them to do better.

Get the team talking about what they are going to accomplish today!

If the week happens to be the last week of the month or quarter, will the team set records or be mediocre?

Where will your team end up? The numbers are a result of preparation and execution.If your team is prepared properly for the job, then you should focus on inspiring their execution.  Rather than focusing on the numbers so much, focus on motivation, energy and effort.

If folks don’t leave your huddle ready to jump on the phone or into the project and make a difference, it’s not been worth the effort.  If their first thought is, time to get a coffee, your huddle has failed.

Save housekeeping and too much detail about numbers for longer Team meetings.

Use this opportunity to lead your team to stretch objectives, and Fire them UP to win today!!

Make a difference today!!


Less BBQ and a lot more American History for Independence Day


I highly recommend celebrating Independence Day by reading, “The Quartet – Orchestrating the Second American Revolution” by Joseph J. Ellis,   along with a few other classics like The Declaration of Independence,  The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Gettysburg Address, if you’ve not read them recently.

All of these are must reads if you really want perspective on the thinking behind the early creation and growth of our great Republic. I think The Quartet will provide some surprises about the founders motives and objectives that we never learned in History class, but Ellis will certainly give you better insight into what it took to create the United States of America out of a Confederation of States that had little interest in joining a Union and giving power to a Federal Government.

Considering the current state of our Federal Government, gaining a solid understanding of the Founder’s thinking behind decisions they made while forming this great country would benefit all citizens and would-be citizens of the United States.

Enjoy these reads and have a Happy and Safe Independence Day.

God Bless America.

Attract anything you desire by adjusting the frequency of your thoughts

QuantumNew York Times bestselling author Christy Whitman who has been featured on the “TODAY” show, and in People, Woman’s Day, Seventeen, Teen Vogue and more), picks up where The Secret left off in her new book,  Quantum Success: 7 Essential Laws for a Thriving, Joyful, and Prosperous Relationship with Work & Money

Read more about Quantum Success and my interview with Christy, as she takes you inside the book and the unique power YOU possess to thrive in your relationships at work and with money!

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Oh YES! YOU can earn 6 figures from Home


Nearly 1 in 4 Americans now work from home, and the number of home workers is expected to rise by 63% over the next 5 years. With an increasing demand for work at home positions and companies looking to cut costs, legitimate work at home opportunities are on the rise.

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Summer Travel Scams and How to avoid them

two white lounge chairs beside body of water

With Summer Travel Season upon us, and reports of possible record levels of vacation travel this year, there will be plenty of scammers and thieves looking for easy targets. Learn about these frauds and how to avoid them. 

According to Experian, Americans heading off on new travel adventures this summer should be particularly wary of these six travel scams: