Why broadcasters need to jump onto the Internet Radio tsunami now!

A new national survey of consumers shows 34% would listen to Internet Radio in the Car!

The survey was conducted by Mark Ramsey Media and VIP Research.  As reported by Media Daily News:

“MRM and VIP found that 34% of those surveyed said they would listen less to traditional local broadcast radio stations — long the dominant drive-time medium for advertisers — if they had access to Internet radio in their car.

Given a choice between having Internet radio in their dashboard or a broadcast radio in their iPod, 58% of all respondents opted for Internet radio in the dash.

This isn’t the only data suggesting Internet radio could pose a threat to traditional radio in drive-time listening. A survey by J.D. Powers released earlier this month found that car-buyers’ favorite audio system feature was the ability to play music file formats of their own choosing, such as MP3 files or iTunes.

Separately, in January, Internet audio service Pandora struck a deal with electronics manufacturer Pioneer Corp. that will allow consumers to bring Pandora’s personalized audio content to their automobiles. Pioneer is manufacturing a multipurpose navigation and media device, priced at $1,200, that will allow iPhones customers to stream the online music service to their car stereos — after they download a new app that allows the devices to link up.”

Read the entire article at Media Daily News

Green Rain Marketing is riding the wave of this huge change in consumer listening habits with www.moneytalknetwork.com, a site providing the best personal finance and consumer advice audio programming and featuring some of America’s best broadcast professionals and some you have not heard of…but will soon!

Green Rain Web properties continue upward growth

In the face of a tough economy, Florida based Green Rain Marketing has found a formula for growing its Web sites.

http://www.FreeBirthday.com and MoneyTalkNetwork.com, GRM’s two premiere web properties, continue to grow in most analytic categories. FreeBirthday.com unique visitors are up 35% on an annual basis while MoneyTalkNetwork.com uniques are up 223%.

“We have been focusing intently on creating organic growth through quality use of Social Networks, better SEO and an Outreach campaign to business users for each site specifically designed to match the site’s theme, goals and objectives,” said Mike Schiano, founder of Green Rain Marketing, LLC.

We’ve launched a Direct Mail marketing program for local businesses called The Birthday Bundle which stands on its own as an advertising medium, while also supporting and driving traffic to FreeBirthday.com.

Schiano added, “The Money Talk Network is quickly becoming one of the Web’s top distribution channels for personal finance audio and education experts, and is becoming very popular among Internet Talk radio listeners. There is very little left on terrestrial radio for consumers seeking legitimate, objective and entertaining Money Talk. In most markets there is only Dave Ramsey during the week and lot’s of local amateurs who pay to play on the weekend radio. We are building a real audio channel at MoneyTalkNetwork.com where listeners can hear long-form talk shows as well as shorter audio-casts.”

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