Green Rain Web properties continue upward growth

In the face of a tough economy, Florida based Green Rain Marketing has found a formula for growing its Web sites. and, GRM’s two premiere web properties, continue to grow in most analytic categories. unique visitors are up 35% on an annual basis while uniques are up 223%.

“We have been focusing intently on creating organic growth through quality use of Social Networks, better SEO and an Outreach campaign to business users for each site specifically designed to match the site’s theme, goals and objectives,” said Mike Schiano, founder of Green Rain Marketing, LLC.

We’ve launched a Direct Mail marketing program for local businesses called The Birthday Bundle which stands on its own as an advertising medium, while also supporting and driving traffic to

Schiano added, “The Money Talk Network is quickly becoming one of the Web’s top distribution channels for personal finance audio and education experts, and is becoming very popular among Internet Talk radio listeners. There is very little left on terrestrial radio for consumers seeking legitimate, objective and entertaining Money Talk. In most markets there is only Dave Ramsey during the week and lot’s of local amateurs who pay to play on the weekend radio. We are building a real audio channel at where listeners can hear long-form talk shows as well as shorter audio-casts.”

About GRM
Green Rain Marketing helps businesses combine traditional media with New Media to maximize ROI, revenue, credibility and visibility by guiding them into the proper channels, the proper creative and the proper budgeting.

One thought on “Green Rain Web properties continue upward growth

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