Less BBQ and a lot more American History for Independence Day


I highly recommend celebrating Independence Day by reading, “The Quartet – Orchestrating the Second American Revolution” by Joseph J. Ellis,   along with a few other classics like The Declaration of Independence,  The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Gettysburg Address, if you’ve not read them recently.

All of these are must reads if you really want perspective on the thinking behind the early creation and growth of our great Republic. I think The Quartet will provide some surprises about the founders motives and objectives that we never learned in History class, but Ellis will certainly give you better insight into what it took to create the United States of America out of a Confederation of States that had little interest in joining a Union and giving power to a Federal Government.

Considering the current state of our Federal Government, gaining a solid understanding of the Founder’s thinking behind decisions they made while forming this great country would benefit all citizens and would-be citizens of the United States.

Enjoy these reads and have a Happy and Safe Independence Day.

God Bless America.