About Green Rain Media

rainmaker is a person or firm who brings in new business and wins new accounts almost by magic, since it is often not readily apparent how this new business activity is caused. It means generating substantial new business and/or additional cash flow from sources sometimes outside established business channels, sometimes by connecting with people in non-traditional or hidden markets, and sometimes by prompting current clients to spend more money.

The color green “suggests security, abundance, love, growth, luck and balance.

Green Rain Media is an Atlanta based, Business Consulting firm providing Direct to Consumer Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and Media Consulting and specializing in assisting organizations in maximizing their brand potential through effective and efficient use of Traditional and New Media and technology to boost top and bottom lines.

mike-schianoFounded by Michael Schiano, a business leader, sales with more than 25 years of professional experience generating more than $350M in gross revenue for various companies he’s been associated with in the Travel, Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, Real Estate and Personal Improvement Industries.

“If your business is not breaking sales records each quarter, let Green Rain Media help focus Marketing, Advertising and Sales efforts to bring your brand to prominence.”

We can help with a full review of your online and off line Marketing, Advertising and Media plan, including your Social Media presence, to ensure you have a powerful plan in place and that the plan is being executed properly.

Is your business optimized for Smart Phone Searches?  60% of all business searches by consumers are now done on Smartphones while they are searching for the service or product. You Must be there!

Is your Business verified by Google and on the first page of the Google Search page for your product or service?

Just a few years ago advertising and marketing choices were limited to TV, Radio, Print and Web sites. Now we have email, text, chat, social, digital video, podcasts, and steaming video, audio, music; all in addition to the legacy media formats. For business owners, the choices are endless. But, having so many new choices actually can be problematic for most business owners trying to decide, on a limited budget, what the best advertising channels are for their specific business model? What is the best way to reach your perfect customers?

Green Rain Media has experience in Marketing Plan development, integrated marketing communication campaigns (design, development, implementation, and performance monitoring), media relations, public relations, Promotions, Event Planning and Management, market research/analysis, and New Customer acquisition. Mike Schiano has done this for some of the biggest brands in America and he can do it for your company.

Green Rain Media can improve and maintain your media relations and recommend overall tactical advertising, marketing, media planning and event coordination and execution.

We can also implement internal and external marketing communication initiatives and implement strategies for new and existing product lines, as well as manage your Web site.

How would you like millions of people carrying your brand message with them in their IPod, Smart phone or .mp3 device? As a pioneer in the growing Internet Radio & Podcast Industry, I can help you build a presence for your company using the latest, digital audio and video tools.

Mike Schiano can also provide Contact Center Management and Consulting. As a Sr. Call Center Executive, Mike has worked with some of the largest companies in America leading Sales, Service and Customer Retention utilizing On-Shore and Off-Shore Omni-Channel Contact Centers.

Artificial Intelligence and Speech Analytics are revolutionizing how companies sell and service customers. Providing successful Customer Experiences can be easier than ever before given the correct use of smart software applications combined with Human leadership.

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