CBD Oil gets big push from Senate majority leader McConnell

Hemp growers talk CBD on Capital Hill

McConnell welcomes Brian Furnish and his daughter to Capital hill. The Kentucky farmer was the first licensed Hemp grower in US since WWII.

Senator Mich McConnell, (R-KY), who championed the hemp legalization provision in the 2018 Farm Bill, and has put hemp near the center of his own 2020 reelection campaign, is pushing the FDA to clarify and develop regulations so that hemp-derived CBD can  be infused into food products or as dietary supplements and lawfully marketed with FDA approval.

McConnell and others are working to shortcut the FDA process that can often take five or more years. “Hemp has a remarkable history in the Bluegrass State,” McConnell said in a press release.

While many say McConnell’s goal is simply to help revive Kentucky farmers, CBD is a drug with amazing potential which has been held back because of its proximity to cousin plant marijuana. CBD – cannabidiol, is a compound with such immense medical potential that the FDA just approved a pharmaceutical-grade version for children suffering from intractable seizures.

The Senator also said it was important to clarify the rules governing interstate shipment of hemp products, which has led to some arrests after police mistook hemp for marijuana. This is all good news for those who want to grow and sell CBD products.

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