Welcome to our new Canadian Friends

Featured imageWe are so excited. Our site FreeBirthday.com was featured in the Niagra Falls Review paper and Web site this weekend. Mike Schiano was interviewed and the response could not have been better. Our site saw amazing activity and folks are subscribing to our premier site at extremely high rates.

Prior to the article, due to some well done, focused SEO and site navigation improvements, our unique visitors were already up 460% and page views up 272% according to Google Analytics. We quickly became the #1 ranked site at Allfinancesites.com and our Alexa and Quantcast rankings continue to rise.

We can do the same for your company’s Web site. Let me know if you’d like a free site review.


Green Rain Web Properties on up-trend

Our hard work is paying off as FreeBirthday.com, GRM’s longest running site, (it was founded in 1999),  is enjoying 67% annual unique visitor growth.

Our newest property, ConstructionjobsinHaiti.com,  is exploding with unique visitor growth of 894% since its February 10th launch, and a 42% return visitor percentage.

Both sites are benefiting from our hard earned expertise and strong commitment to quality content and SEO, as well as an extra focus on building Social Media connections.

We can grow your business using the same techniques.


Mike Schiano is Managing Partner for Green Rain Marketing, LLC, an Orlando based Media, Marketing and Advertising consultancy.