“HOP” On this Program to Get More Clients!

Green Rain Marketing has found an incredible, virtually no-cost way for your Home Service Business to get more clients.

Though we usually only share the latest breakthrough marketing techniques and discounts with our actual clients, due to our special relationship with the HomeOwnersPlaybook.com founder, Marc Price, we’ve made arrangements to open this opportunity up to GRM’s friends and visitors as  well. By the way, our clients will get an even better deal because we always save something extra special for GRM clients, but, either way, you should be part of this huge marketing program that will only get bigger while it gets more expensive. Much More expensive!

It’s like when the experts told you to buy Apple Stock at $74 last year and now the stock is at $215 and rising…don’t miss this chance to expand your business in 2010 and beyond with a rare marketing opportunity.

List your business on Homeownersplaybook.com for just $99 A YEAR! No, not a month or per ad. Your extensive profile with audio, video, pictures, information conveniently at the hands of thousands of local residents for just $99 for a full year.A comparable service would cost more than $500 per year.

HOP is focused like a laser beam in putting  Home Service Businesses at the fingertips of consumers who need service. Most small Home Service Businesses still rely on print for the majority of their advertising. While print should be part of your Advertising Plan, the Internet is where consumers now go for reliable and quick information when they need services.  Print publications get thrown away and coupons expire. The Internet is there 24/7.  There are lots of unreliable Internet Directories  and lots of weak, outdated small business websites. Most small businesses don’t have the time or resources to build a good Web site and certainly no time to keep updating a site. HOP solves that problem by providing its business clients with a Micro-Site full of room for important information about you and your business. Set it up in 10 minutes using HOP’s template and you are in business.  No technical knowledge needed. Don’t have a computer? No problem, HOP’s staff will set up your profile for you!

Save MONEY! Use this special Green Rain Code to save even more, you will save 10% and pay just $89 for the year.   Special Code:   HPBMS89

If you plan to do other forms of advertising, consult with us first and we WILL save you money on the most appropriate advertising programs for your specific business. But, setting up your business on HOP needs no consultation! Go to Homeownersplaybook.com today, learn more, then register using the Special Code. Then get ready to answer the phone.

Mike Schiano

Managing Partner/Creative Director, Green Rain Marketing, LLC

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