GRM Launches the Money Talk Network

Money Advice when YOU want it!

Money advice when YOU want it!

The Money Talk Network (MTN) has been soft-launched with an official July 4th launch planned.

According to Mike Schiano, Founder, Publisher and President of both Green Rain Marketing and The Money Talk Network, MTN exists to accomplish two main objectives,
“1. To give consumers easy access to the best money advice in America when THEY want it, in easy to find, easy to understand audio and written segments.

2. To provide greater visibility and credibility for those who communicate money topics to consumers. This, in turn, will provide featured content providers with greater opportunities to monetize their content and reach a larger audience.”

According to Schiano, “Money Talk Network will benefit from Green Rain’s  combined Media, Public Relations, Broadcast, New Media, and Web site Optimization expertise, to create a growing audience for  personal finance advice experts across the country who have lots of good, important advice, but may not have the audiences they deserve.”

Money Talk Network is seeking to interview and feature the content of Authors, Writers, Radio/TV Hosts, Bloggers, Speakers and other Money Communicators and Experts.

Advertisers will also have an exceptional target marketing application through the MTN to reach both consumers and Money Experts who touch consumers daily.

Schiano adds, “Having spent the past 18 years of my life in the Personal Finance industry as an Author, Broadcaster, Writer, Speaker and Business Executive, I am very excited about what we have planned for MTN visitors and what it will do for so many Money Experts who truly want to help consumers especially in this very difficult economic environment. We will be bringing everyone lots of Green Rain!”

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