Everyone is Watching You Shop…Both On And Offline

As recently reported by BI Intelligence,

“Google has long tracked shoppers’ activity online. Now it’s stepping up its surveillance and watching them offline, as well.

This means that Google is able to tell when you are shopping at Home Depot or your local grocery store.

They do this by tracking data from various websites and apps such as Google Maps, along with credit and debit card transaction data.

Google is packaging all of that information together and sharing it with marketers to prove that its online ads are prompting people to make purchases, whether they buy online or in a store.

Your activity is for sale. Not just by Google but by every, and any, company that ilookings able to acquire usable data about your activities. Your likes, hates, moves, views, texts, tweets, pics, locations, you name it, Big Data wants it. It is valuable. The more active and visible you are the easier you are to track. There is virtually no way to avoid being tracked, sorted, trended, reported on and sold. 

Information is king. Any company compiling customer data has a valuable resource that paints an actionable picture of current customers and by mining and analyzing this data, a company an figure out how to find more customers and sell more to existing customers. With the right data sets, you can “run into” potential customers at the right time and the right place. Today’s technology allows for these collisions to take place as if they were natural events.

Green Rain Media can help you capture and optimize your customer data so that you can leverage it for improved sales performance and new customer acquisition. 


Green Rain Marketing Projects on Twitter

Green Rain Marketing has joined the Twitter revolution on behalf of its FreeBirthday.com and MoneyTalkNetwork.com Channels. FreeBirthday is a natural for Twitter since our site visitors and consumers in general are very interested in saving money these days. We can update our followers more quickly on Twitter where we’d have to create a full blown broadcast email in the past. We still use email for more detailed communication, but Twitter is awesome for quick, short shout outs to our base. We are also gaining new visitors by virtue of our work on Twitter.

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Mike Schiano
Managing Partner